Apr 22, 2022 | Reuel Pinawou tutorials-guides

Networking - How to connect with ease


Networking simply has to do with interacting with others for the sole purpose of exchanging information to develop social and professional contacts.

Here's how to network with ease;

a. Be yourself - Here's what we think, your future self in an "alternate universe" is already proud of you so give yourself credit now. Yes.  Be bold enough to think that people do want to meet you and believe that you are a great connect. Chill, we are not asking that you try to be loud, confidence can bloom in bits as well, so don't overthink it. However, tell impostor syndrome to leave the room as you position yourself to network with new people.


b. Suit up! - You know what they say yeah? Dress how you want to be addressed, so there's that. Suit up!

However, everybody's going to be dressed for such an official gathering so how can you stand out?

WE KNOW, that you can stand out with NFC enabled digital smart products - BLEANQ.


The Bleanq products cut across a variety of Gold plated, Bamboo, Metal and Plastic cards. That's not all, the BLEANQ products also include wristbands and tags. With any of these products, you can network with ease by tapping your card on the device of the individual you wish to connect with. They then automatically get a link that shows them details including but not limited to your profile, contact and business catalogue. See? BLEANQ does the talking for you!

c. Get a Bleanq buddy - well, no doubt, you'll be the star of the meeting and that's a good thing, yes? But what's a star doing outside a galaxy? That's when it gets even better! Your new contacts can sign up here and create profiles on BLEANQ with ease even before they choose to select from our variety of NFC enabled products.

d. Exit conversations gracefully and follow up - Now that you've made a great first impression, you can exit the conversation with a simple handshake, an assurance that you enjoyed the discussion and a promise to follow up or a clear expectation of the fact that you look forward to hearing from them.

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